Plaid Integration

To Build Applications With Direct Connections to Users’ Bank Accounts

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How Plaid Suite Of APIs Helps Innovation
In Financial Services?

Plaid suite of APIs and its integration in financial apps helps financial advisory firms to improve their customers’ investment
outlooks and make smarter investment decisions in a cost effective and efficient way and lower their financial risks, while
helping them bring decent returns and gain a competitive edge. It helps small businesses to manage their cash flows using
transaction history API.


Access High-Quality Transaction Data

Plaid pulls, parse and presents up to 24 months of data and transaction information directly from users’ bank accounts.


Analyzes Spending Habits

Get detailed insights into spending habits and help your customers making intelligent saving decisions.


Validate User Authenticity

Plaid instantly verifies account ownership and validates identities to mitigate fraud and risk.


Mitigate Risks

It allows investors/lenders to make an informed decision and help mitigate credit losses.


NSF Reduction

It checks balances in real-time and helps in reducing non-sufficient funds fees.

Plaid Products Overview

Add Plaid Tools To Your Financial Services App and Start Gaining Edge