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Get Developed An On-demand Home Services App To Connect Service Seekers And Service Providers.

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Customized On-demand Home
Services Solutions

We’re a trusted on-demand home services app development company that help you build a robust mobile app platform for on
demand home services that matches service seekers or consumers looking for household services with vetted and professional
service providers and freelance labors.

We cater our customizable home services app solution to all business models including:

On-Demand Home Service
Marketplace App

If you’ve a network of multi-service providers and freelance labors, you can launch a two-sided mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand. E.g. TaskRabbit

For Service
Professional Owners

Expand and grow your business by taking your service expertise online and provide local home services on-demand. E.g. for laundry, beauty, car-wash, cleaning, maintenance, pest cleaning etc.

For Aggregator Or Chains Of
Service Providers

If you have a chain of your services around or across the cities or you just want to aggregate single service professionals for any niche, we have an integrated app solution covered for all.

Supercharge Your Home Service App
With The Salient Features

Make your home service brand more swift, engaging and fulfilling. Our on-demand home services app is conditioned with users’ service
searching behavior and patterns while they browse the app. Furthermore, our app is designed to satisfy all the stakeholders like customer,
service provider and admin with intuitive functionalities that facilitates ease of operations.


User Registration

Sign up and login by email, phone no and personal details.


Book Services

User can book the services now or schedule it for a later time.


Browse Services

User can see list of service categories, sub-categories in the app.


Add location

User can tap on current location or manually select a location on map.


Search Services

User can search for the desired service and filter by ratings, costs, location etc.



User can select either of payment modes like online or cash payment.


View Service Providers

Upon selecting a service, user can select a service man from the list.


View Status

User can check the progress of service man like request accepted, arriving etc.


View Details

View complete details of the service man including distance away, charges, ratings etc.



User can rate and give feedback of the service man in the app.


Easy Registration

Service man can register using email, phone no and personal details.


Account Verification

Service Man’s account will be verified from Admin and then he can login.


Edit Location

Enter location and select the radius of operation Servicemen can provide service in.


Manage Availability

The service man has the option to move online/offline.


Booking Requests

The service man can accept/reject the booking request.


Service Status

Upon accepting the booking, he can update the service status like arrived, started service etc.


Rate and Review

The service provider can also rate and review the customer behavior.


My Bookings

The service man can check pending, upcoming, cancelled and past bookings.


Manage Payments

Manage the list of payments pending, cancelled or successfully transferred.


View Ratings

The rating and review provided by the customer can be viewed here.


Manage Servicemen

Admin can search service professionals by name, company, email, phone, status etc.


Add or Remove

Admin can activate or inactivate serviceman.


Manage Services

View service status that is ongoing, completed, cancelled.


Manage Users

Manage users, message them and view personal details.


Manage Discounts

Manage promos, discounts, offers, activation and expiry dates.


Manage Reports

Manage payment reports of servicemen and companies date wise and month wise.


Manage Locations

Set and manage geo fence location and location wise cost.


Manage Notifications

Easily send the push alerts, messages and email.


Reporting and Analytics

Improve business performance through analytics and gain useful insights.


Creating Thoughtful Brands Not Just Products


Key Differentiators of Our Home Service
App Development Solution

Webpetal Software is a most preferred technology partner for on-demand app development. Besides providing app solutions, we provide complete support to brands and companies to take their business to new height by increasing their customer engagement rate.


Custom-Built For Your Brand

Our on-demand home service app is exclusively built for your brand. You own a product matching your needs with personalized features, integrations and technical requirements.


Completely Scalable

Customer reach increases with a flourishing brand. We design scalable home services app solutions that responds immediately to sudden peaks of traffic without compromising speed.


Engaging and User-Sticky

User retention and engagement are our key focus areas while designing the UI of your custom branded app. We also ensure we integrate plugins that drives users to take actions.


Solution For Everyone

Whether you are a service professional owner, aggregator or a chain of service provider. We cater every business model for home services app development.


Secured Payments

Leverage simplified payments, as our app integrates multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, etc. for a secured and laidback experience.


Plugins Integration

We strengthen your brand’s growth by recommending you result-driven plugins and marketing campaigns based on your analytics and monthly reports.


App Store Optimized

Our comprehensive app development and digital marketing services also bundles ASO, Influencer Marketing, SMM, Content marketing and more to positively impact your bottom line.


24X7 Support

We provide our clients dedicated round-the-clock support and customer service to ensure that our customers are taken care of in the most desirable manner.

Empowering On-Demand Service Providers
Robust Technology Platform

Serving On-demand Economy for Every Important Gig

Webpetal Software is a leading on-demand home service app development company that designs and delivers integrated services to clients across
entire value chain. Whether you are a beautician, electrician, packers and movers, personal home trainer or any other service provider looking
to cater to customers at home through online bookings. We are a go-to on-demand app service provider to industries
of all types and size.



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There are basically six key areas to higher achievement. Some people will tell you there are four while others may tell you there are eight. One thing for certain though, is that irrespective of the number of steps the experts talk about, they all originate from the same roots.

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Focus is having the unwavering attention to complete what you set out to do. There are a million distractions in every facet of our lives. Telephones and e-mail, clients and managers, spouses and kids, TV, newspapers and radio – the distractions are everywhere and endless. Everyone wants a piece of us and the result can be totally overwhelming.

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