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Webpetal Software has an expert team of sports aficionados who keep a keen interest in playing as well as developing fantasy sports software
solutions that cover a vast array of games and sports such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Baseball, Rugby and
many more. The team engineers RESTful APIs to retrieve sources and information about various leagues, sports and players. Our
horizontal and vertical domains where we hone expertise are:

  • fantasy_sports_web_development

    Daily and Season Long Fantasy
    Sports Web Development

  • fantasy-sports

    Fantasy Sports App

  • league-website

    Sports League Website

  • white-label-fantasy

    White Label Fantasy Sports
    Software Development

  • fantasy-basketball

    Fantasy Basketball Software

  • mobile-app-development

    Fantasy Football Website &
    Mobile App Development

  • esports-software

    Fantasy eSports Software

  • sports-betting

    Sports Betting Software

Completely Customizable Fantasy Sports Essential

Fantasy Sports App Core Features List

Strengthen your fantasy platform with Webpetal Software’s progressive all-in-one fantasy sports app development solution
for participants and admin.


User Authentication

Users can signup/login easily to the app via email, contact number.


Create Fantasy Team

Users can create a fantasy team by selecting players based on knowledge and awareness of player’s performance, player’s statistics.


Search, List And Filter Matches

Users can search matches, view listings and filter as per their preferences.


Invite And Earn

Users can share or refer the app to their friends via app URL and referral code and get benefitted by reward points.


Join Tournaments

User can join tournaments as they filter it by fee range, winners count, no. of teams, etc.


User’s Dashboard

User can view and update their entire profile details like account details, manage transactions, check overall rankings, invite & earn etc.


Create Tournaments

Users can create their own tournament by entering details like tournament name, total winning amount, entry fees, tournament size, and multiple team permission, invite friends.


Content Management System

CMS is a support system for the user which includes sections like about us, help, contact us, point system.


Admin Login

Admin can login to the app using username and password.


Match Management

Admin can manage, update, activate and deactivate matches.


Admin Dashboard

Admin can see total upcoming or scheduled matches, LIVE matches, played matches, no. of participants and total revenue generated.


Revenue Management

Admin can view total earnings from different matches by applying various filters.


Users Management

Admin has full control over update, activate and deactivate accounts.


Reward Points

Admin can offer reward points to the users.


League Management

Admin can manage, edit, update, activate and deactivate leagues or tournaments.


CMS System

Admin can manage the sections of help, about us, contact us and others.


Bonus Cash Management

Admin has all rights to add and manage the cash prizes given to the participant.


Push Notifications

You can send users periodic notifications about match timings, scores, results, etc.


Real-Time Analytics

Provide real-time data insights to make better decisions quickly.


GPS Location Tracking

You can send users alerts about ongoing or upcoming matches nearby their location.



Add extra features like social media sharing, live commentary feed, live video streaming of games, live games photos.


Live Match Score

Give your users an ability to watch LIVE scores for matches by LIVE score API integration.

Always Be the Frontrunner

Trending And Intuitive Solutions

Stay ahead of the technology with our trending solutions and expertise in Augmented Reality, Blockchain technology and
custom fantasy analysis software programs.

  • fantasy-sports-bat

    Fantasy Sports Augmented
    Reality Software

  • fantasy-analytics-mask

    Fantasy Analytics
    Software Services

  • blockchain-based

    Blockchain Based
    Fantasy Sports

  • fantasy-stock

    Fantasy Stock Market
    Software Development

  • social_media_integration

    Social Media

Achieve the online competitive edge

Benefits Offered By Fantasy
Sports Or Fantasy Games

Your Trusted App Development Partner

Why only Webpetal Software for Fantasy Sports
App Development?


One stop shop for all your Fantasy Sport based IT requirements.


Customized development solution of Fantasy Sports platform.


Unrivaled native android and native iOS mobile app development.


Completely flexible, feature- rich and scalable solutions.


Immersive, engaging and inviting digital experiences.


Advanced analytics and reporting to catalyze action.


Creating Thoughtful Brands Not Just Products


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Webpetal’s network of development teams cater clients with comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire software development chain through agile
deliveries. No matter if you are a small scale startup, SME, or a large scale enterprise we develop and deliver simplified solutions with new technologies and business model innovations.


Our solutions for startup innovators act as an accelerator to growth, capability building, and other strategic imperatives. View our custom startup solution offerings to stay ahead of the innovation.


Find the next vectors of growth to strengthen your operations with our end-to-end SME specific solution offerings and digital expertise. Our customized solutions are designed to help you move with speed and confidence.


Innovate and scale flexibly with our integrated suite of software development offerings for large-scale enterprises. Our exhaustive services expands and covers all thing Web and Mobility. Discover here.

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