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An Intelligent Taxi App Solution
Forged by User Insights and Necessities

It’s the rule of the world, in order to outdo your competitors you’ve to find an epicenter of disruption, a unique selling proposition, and a fresh design language that is bold, confident and dynamic. Webpetal’s taxi app development solution comes as a rescue in the race of modern transportation systems. Fostered by growing complexity of taxi transport dynamics, our optimized taxi app solution drives an extensive set of superlative features developed in accordance to rising passenger’s demand and driver’s needs.

Passenger App

Leverage our feature-rich passenger app and let your riders book their taxi from anywhere and at any time seamlessly.

Driver App

A fully customizable app that gives your drivers ability to earn through various mediums like referrals, surge prices, hourly wages, etc.

Admin / Dispatcher Panel

Control your entire taxi dispatch system through our easy-to-access and robust admin panel and take informed decisions.

Advanced Features

For your taxi app novelties, we have developed a set of advanced taxi app features that makes your app outstanding.

Highly Customizable Features With Unlimited Possibilities

Experience Full Line of Features in
Your Taxi Dispatch Solutions App


Contact Driver

Customers can call the drivers for pickups in real time.


Notification Alerts

Customers can get alerts via push notifications.


Fare Estimates

Provide your Customers rough estimation on fares for their destination.


SOS Button

An in-built emergency button to provide customers instant help.


Promo Codes

The customer can apply for promo codes & loyalty points to save money.


Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay smoothly with whatever option they like- cards, cash or wallet.


Cancel Booking

Customers can cancel rides anytime if any changes in plan.


Rate Driver

Customers can give ratings and reviews to their ride experiences.


Save Location

Customers can mark and save their daily locations for instant bookings.


Social Logins

Customers can sign up from social channels instead of creating a new account.


Ride Share

Customers can easily split and share costs with friends for shared rides.


Ride Later

Customers can make pre bookings for future date and time.


Trip History

Customers can anytime view all their past and prebooking trips.


Seamless Registration

Easy registration process with email, mobile number or social logins.


Book Rides

Customers can instantly book a ride in a few clicks.


Estimated Arrival Time

Customers will get notified with exact taxi arrival time.


Availability Status

Drivers can set their status as busy or active anytime.


Contact Passenger

Drivers can contact passengers via call for pick up address coordination.



Drivers can accept/reject rides in a limited time box.


Track Earnings

Drivers can see their rides history and daily/monthly earnings.


Trip Information

Drivers can fetch key customer details for a seamless pickup and drop.


Start/End Trip

Drivers can set their status as arriving, arrived and start/end a trip.


Track Earnings

Drivers can see their rides history and daily/monthly earnings.


Driver Dashboard

Drivers can check insights on their accomplished trips, their performances and ratings.



Google Maps Built-in navigation fetches the best routes.


Rate Customers

Drivers can also rate their rides and review customers and their behavior.


Help & Support

Drivers can seek help in the app for any issue.

Secure Login

Secure Login

Admin can securely login to admin panel from any web browser.


Manage Vehicles

Admin can add types of cars and fleet information.


Admin Dashboard

Admin gets summary on active drivers, ride completed, customers etc.


Manage Categories

Admin can add and update the fleet for all kinds of customers.


Manage Drivers

Admin can add drivers, update email, activate/deactivate their services.


Trip Tracking

Admin can track rides on real time map.


Manage Customers

Admin can view all the registered customers and message them.


Reporting & Analytics

Admin can catalyze actions and can make improved decisions on basis of statistics


Manage Dispatchers

Admin can add and edit dispatchers to manage booking requests.


Dispatcher Panel

High end taxi dispatch panel to automate your taxis.


Manual Bookings

Admin can manually add bookings from the web panel.


Number Masking

Drivers will never come to know about the passengers’ phone number


In-app Chat

Passengers and Drivers can chat in the message.


Surge Pricing

You can surge prices during peak travel hours, bad weather or special events such as a strike.


Voip Calls

Passengers and drivers can call each other over Wifi.


Referral Rewards

Customer gets unique referral code to leverage free rides.


Web App

Customers can easily book rides on web app without the need of app installation.


Ride Share

Customers can split the fare with friends for shared trip.


Call Bookings

Customer calls can be added to your bookings via dispatch system.


Pickup Suggestions

Provide your customers suggestions for famous pickup points.


Operational Zone Setup

Set the zonal areas where you are most likely to receive request.


Demand Map

Drivers can check areas where requests are more and manage their locations.


Driver Destinations

Admin can set driver destination on city’s hot spots.


Calendar Integration

Passengers can make pre bookings for their special days through calendar integration.


Physical Meters Support

You are free to calculate ride payments through physical meters.

Exclusive Taxi App Solution For Every Niche

Developing and Deploying a Taxi App
Development Solution for All

Connect, optimize, and automate your fleet with our robust taxi app solution designed for transport businesses of all types and sizes. No matter if you are a global startup, a small or large taxi fleet owner or a taxi aggregator looking to move taxi operations online! We are your single contact point to develop custom on-demand taxi app development solutions for multiple use cases like:

Right Developer Tools, Framework And Technologies

Taxi App - Technology Stack

Behind the simple and smooth UI of our taxi app, we’ve engineered a flexible architecture framework to handle massive amount of traffic, mounting taxi requests, difficult interactions and more complex functionalities. Here we label the flexible and scalable architecture of taxi app development into a frame of simplified model.



Creating Thoughtful Brands Not Just Products

Everything Under One Roof

From Idea to Implementation to Launch

At Webpetal we analyze your solution requirements closely and then we offer you a
comprehensive and customized on demand taxi app development solution.


Requirement Gathering
& Analysis

We closely interact with you and determine your expectations, functional and technical requirements.


Push Notifications

We integrate push notifications to keep your users engaged and informed about your app services.


Payment Gateway

Secure online payment gateway solutions and integration to allow payments through credit card, debit card, and e –check.


Reporting & Analytics

Advanced reporting and analytics integration to gain deeper insights, fasten your decision making process and take necessary actions.


Server Setup
& Backup

Experience simplified restoration, seamless backup and recovery to a local disk or the cloud.


Deployment &

Deployment and Maintenance Services as per your production environment and future help for any in house transitions.

Expand Your Business With Our Complete Support

Taxi Booking App - Support & Integration

At Webpetal, we understand that our role doesn’t simply end at designing and developing an advanced taxi booking app solution.
That’s why we work stringently on support and integration for peak performance. We give you an assortment of choices
for robust payment gateways, inbuilt support for functions like multi-lingual and multi-currency,
thus helping you expand your business globally.


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    Saudi Arabia
  • Nigeria
  • Egypt
  • Brazil
  • U.A.E.
  • France
  • Bhutan
  • Myanmar
  • Germany
  • Australia
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    Ivory Coast
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    Porto Rico


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Why Webpetal Is The Best Taxi App Development Company To Hire?

Webpetal is a most preferred taxi booking app development company offering professional services aligned with future mobility ecosystem. Our adept taxi app developers persistently gained a first-row seat in delivering passenger and driver-driven taxi mobile app.

Driven By Your Mission

Our wide array of expertise in taxi app solutions allows us to become your true partner throughout your multidimensional journey of taxi booking app development, customer engagement and retention plans.

Completely Scalable

With a thriving brand also increases the customer reach. We design scalable on-demand taxi booking software that responds immediately to sudden peaks of traffic without affecting speed.

App Store Optimized

We design, develop, and deploy taxi booking app solution for Android and iOS platforms i.e. optimized for App store and Play store. Count on us for ASO, SMM, email marketing, strategy campaigns and more to enhance your bottom line.

White-label Taxi App Solution Provider

We are a white-label taxi app development company that provides market-ready taxi app solution designed and customized as per your brand needs. We also have white label solutions- TaxiWheel and TaxiOnGo.

Secured Payments

Leverage simplified payments, as our app integrates multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, etc. for a secured and laidback experience.

24X7 support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated taxi app developers work round-the-clock to deliver you best customer service. We ensure that an exceptional service is delivered while maintaining the highest standards.

Your Trusted Innovation Partner

Empowering and Serving All Sizes of Clients

Webpetal’s network of development teams cater clients with comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire software development chain through agile
deliveries. No matter if you are a small scale startup, SME, or a large scale enterprise we develop and deliver simplified solutions with new technologies and business model innovations.


Our solutions for startup innovators act as an accelerator to growth, capability building, and other strategic imperatives. View our custom startup solution offerings to stay ahead of the innovation.


Find the next vectors of growth to strengthen your operations with our end-to-end SME specific solution offerings and digital expertise. Our customized solutions are designed to help you move with speed and confidence.


Innovate and scale flexibly with our integrated suite of software development offerings for large-scale enterprises. Our exhaustive services expands and covers all thing Web and Mobility. Discover here.

Tell us about your idea, and we’ll make it happen.

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