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Chatbots To Reinforce Your Customer
Service & Sales Interactions

Tetebot is a smart Artificial Intelligence enabled readymade chatbot solution especially built for startups and enterprises for
automating communication and real-time responses to websites and apps. Develop chatbots on Facebook, Twitter, Slack and a
gamut of other platforms decked with futuristic features. Tete Bot augments Chatbot app development by a rich set of features

  • 01

    Predictive Case Intelligence

    Integrate Machine learning Chatbots to automate responses based on past conversations.

  • 02

    Natural Human Language

    Natural human-like conversations blend by past customer behavior.

  • 03

    Multiple Integrations

    Integrate chatbot over multiple social channels seamlessly.

  • 04

    Multilingual Bot

    Extend your bot’s voice worldwide through multi-language programming bots.

  • 05

    Round The Clock Service

    Provide 24x7 customer service with zero downtimes.

  • 06

    Prebuilt Templates

    Proactive responses through Pre-built templates.


Transform Ecommerce

Tetebot is conversational AI with deep product selling knowledge. The Price alert bots and it’s up selling and cross selling abilities quickens conversions.

As a platform, it improves customer service by personalized product suggestions, Delivery tracking and FAQs/Returns.


Redefine Consumer Banking

TeteBot in Banking is pumped-up with deep financial knowledge. It understands banking inside out.

From simple queries to complicated requests, tetebot redefines banking through a superior human-computer interaction across all platforms including your bank’s app, Slack, Facebook Messenger or SMS.


Take Healthcare To Next Level

Deliver personalized Patient Care through Tetebot that acts as a Health Assistant, provides immediate Symptom Diagnosis, Manages Appointment bookings, and gives an automated reply in case of emergencies.


Simplify Hospitality & Travel

Give your customers an entirely new experience by enabling a bot as their Personal travel assistant, reservation manager, tour guide, taxi booker and more.


Enterprise Chatbot Solution

Tetebot is a market-leading platform for developing enterprise-grade chatbot that expands brand awareness; automate chats to trim costs, acts as a social CRM to enhance efficiency, and becomes your assistant bot for sales, enquiry, and post-sales requests.


Boost Call Centers Performance

Reduce average call time with Tetebot that harnesses deep knowledge for customer handling. It automates context driven replies, manages your personal account and is undeniably a real-time query solver.


Giving A New Face To Financial Services Industry

Trim down the cost for service delivery and reduce the human errors by AI powered Chatbots that are well trained to respond the stock market movement, automatically tell your bank balance, and becomes your personal finance and legal assistance bot.


Enable Intelligent Conversations

Unlock a massive repository of human intelligence ingrained in Tetebot that embeds a trail of intellectual features supercharged with AI model training and Machine learning to deliver fluent yet empathetic, smart yet sophisticated dialogues that will help you to make your own chat representative, lessen the customer grievances and increase the conversion rates. Unveil more facts about chatbot .

  • 01

    Richer Experience

    Tetebot is not merely a text channel; it speaks with images and structured customers an enhanced experience.
  • 02

    Small Talk Ready

    Tetebot ingrains inbuilt intelligence to handle general questions and create a more realistic interaction.
  • 03

    Predictive Case Intelligence

    When a message comes in Tetebot will predict the meta-data about the case and deliver highly.
  • 04

    Fueled By Proactive Suggestions

    Your bot will entice customers to spend more time on website & engage them to buying and selling.
  • 05

    Platforms Diversity

    Tetebot brings real value to your customers by seamlessly integrating at any modern messaging platforms.
  • 06

    Machine Learning

    Our Tetebot employ a deep learning algorithm that learn, adapt & generate studying past conversations.
  • 07

    Powerful Analytics

    Insights into how your users interact with your bot.

Chat Bot Development For
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Deliver automated customer support where millions of users are
available online. Build a messenger chatbot or for any social
messaging channels including Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack,
Twitter, Line, WeChat.

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