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Online Grocery Delivery App
Development Solutions

Make a dent in the grocery delivery market with Webpetal Software’s exclusive grocery app solution! Our grocery delivery app developers delivers unique
app experience with dynamite set of features that keep your customers engaged and impacts their buying decision. So, why wait? Start stacking money with
our impressively lucrative grocery mobile app solutions for:


Launch an on-demand grocery marketplace app solution like Instacart by partnering with supermarkets to collect orders.

Grocery Chain Owners

Automate order management, track your order deliveries and manage all your grocery chains on a single platform.

Single Grocery Store Owner

Attract, engage and convert more customers by taking your grocery stores online quickly with our readymade grocery app solution.

The Grocery App Essentials

Experience the Most Integral Features
Of Grocery Delivery App


Search by Stores and Items

Search nearest stores and favorite items by smart filters.


Add to Cart

Select the desired items to buy and add them to the cart.


User Registration

Easily register by email, mobile or social media channels.

Pick Up & Drop

Select the pickup and drop-off location of order within the app.


Promos & Offers

Check the ongoing deals, promos and offers.


Track Orders

Track your orders and check your current order status.


Ratings and Reviews

Give feedback on your foodordering and delivery experience.


Multiple Payment Options

Pay smoothly with debit/credit cards, cash or m-wallet.


Order History & Repeat Orders

Check the past orders and re-order it with a few taps.


Prebook or Schedule Order

Place an order in advance for a scheduled date and time.


Items Management

Store owners can add/update their items listings, prices, minimum order amount, etc. and make them available for ordering.


Respond to Reviews

Store owners get a direct line of communication with their customers to build trust.


Manage Orders

Store owners can check the order status (completed or processing), total amount earned on each order, and have the control on taking actions on them.


Add and Manage Promos

Store owners can create and add new deals, coupons and offers to increase customer retention.


Order Alerts

Store owners get real-time notifications for new orders and they can accept them on the go.


View Customer Details

Store owners or partners get useful information about their online customer base.


Track Payments

Store owners can add account details, view successful and pending payment settlements in one place.


Order Reports

Partners get useful insights on their business performance to grow faster.


Booking History

Driver can easily track the completed booking history.


Route Optimization

Delivery boy get shortest and fastest routes for on-time delivery.


User Registration

Direct registration or easy on-boarding from the mobile app.


Manage Status

Delivery boy can update status of bookings like order accepted/delivered.


Accept Bookings

Driver can approve/disapprove new booking requests.


View Customer Details

Delivery boy can view customer details (address, masked/unmasked phone no.)


Get Feedback

Drivers can receive ratings and reviews from customers and restaurants.


Manage Account

Driver can create profile, check total confirmed orders, jobs done per day.


Manage Stores

Admin can add and manage stores, check their active status on app, take actions like editing or deleting from store list.


Feedback Management

Admin can view customers’ ratings and reviews, and check their feedback.


Driver Management

Admin can check all driver details, add and update their information and check their current status.


Manage Payments & Commission

Admin can track all the received online payments and set the commission rates with every Store partner.


Reporting and Analytics

Admin can catalyze actions, make strategies and be a good decision maker by our reporting and analytics tool.


Manage Orders

Admin can check the order status (completed or processing), total amount earned on each order, and have the control on taking actions on them.


Push Notifications

Admin can get the notifications of the emails, order delivered, drivers accepting request.


Manage Menu and Item Categories

Admin can get list of items from store partners, arrange them category wise and make them available for ordering.


Manage Customers

Admin can view complete information about their customers like their email id, phone no, zip code, status and edit/manage them easily.

Leverage the Assets of Our Grocery Delivery Solution

Empowering Grocers and Store Chain Owners
with Complete Technology Suite

Webpetal Software’s grocery delivery app solution is heavily conditioned by grocers’ app development and marketing needs. With our
solutions (driven by customer’s shopping motivations and decision making process) you will experiment a quintessential
framework that will subsequently save your time, efforts, and offer you an enhanced visibility and control.


Creating Thoughtful Brands Not Just Products

Trending Functionalities

And That’s Not Enough! We Tap
What’s In Trend

Grocery Delivery App Development by Webpetal Software has more positive benefits for your business bottom line. We deliver lasting
change that boost performance, gain user’s interest and make the app journey memorable. Here are quick app pivots that
changes the entire grocery app experience.


Ability To Track Spending

Give your users an ability to track their current spending (through categorized charts) on their favorite supermarket store.


Grocery Shopping List Reminders

Let your users know when they are about to run out of groceries by sending reminders.


Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanner function gives users the ability to check complete product information like nutritional values, price, ingredients etc.


Built-In Recipe Books

Provide a feature like when user selects a recipe, all the items needed to prepare it automatically gets added in their shopping list.


Shopping List

Grocery list apps offers users with built-in database that allows them to quickly add items in their list through word prompter.


Grocery Coupons

Give your customers discount coupons based on their previous history of shopping.

Leverage The Fruitful Benefits

Scale New Heights with Online Grocery
Delivery App

  • 01


    Consumers can shop easily by selecting the items in a few clicks and save their time, fuel and money by getting the groceries delivered at the doorstep. No more waiting in the long queues, walking aisles and hassling to search items in the shelves.
  • 02

    Variety Of Products To Choose From

    Grocery delivery apps provides you a rich and wide variety of products where your users can buy items that they usually struggle and fail to buy in traditional grocery stores in their local region. In addition, users can also see items description and details.
  • 03

    Great Deals And Rewards

    In traditional brick and mortar stores it becomes challenging to market the offers and reach a large number of people to spread the word. Online grocery shopping provides a great way to display special offers, coupons, deals and discounts that lures customers and attract heavy traffic.
  • 04

    Product Reviews

    Consumers can get better insights and understanding of the products while purchasing the items through the product reviews shared by the customers. This will further help stores as well to increase their sales and indirectly convince consumers to buy products.
  • 05

    Order Tracking

    This feature works wonder when it comes to achieving customer engagement and satisfaction. Online grocery gives users the ability to know the live status of their order and track them in real-time. Right from the period when the order is accepted, packed, dispatched and delivered user gets real-time notifications of all the stages.
  • 06

    Know Consumer Behavior

    Online grocery shopping helps in knowing the consumers behavior closely like at what time do they prefer to shop most, their personal likes and dislikes, their buying motivations, buying, browsing and search patterns and as per that you can craft a marketing strategy of more specifically designed goals.


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Focus is having the unwavering attention to complete what you set out to do. There are a million distractions in every facet of our lives. Telephones and e-mail, clients and managers, spouses and kids, TV, newspapers and radio – the distractions are everywhere and endless. Everyone wants a piece of us and the result can be totally overwhelming.

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